Four Tips To Enjoy Tea While  Traveling

Four Tips To Enjoy Tea While Traveling

Posted by Lightload Tea on 21st Jun 2021

Are you getting ready for an adventure on an RV? Probably you are getting ready for days of road trip with your friends or family. Teas served on the hotel baskets may not always live up to your expectation. How do you ensure the comfort from a cup of tea while on travel does not feel as far as the home itself? In this post, I share important tips to help you achieve the moment of quiet and relaxation with every cup of tea. Thus, whether you are on an overnight business trip or a month long RVing tour, here are important tips to enjoy your favorite cup of tea.

1.Carry a Collection of Travel Friendly Tea Packs

You no longer have to cope with the strange tasting tea beverage while on travel, as you will find travel friendly tea packs. Therefore, you can carry your favorite curation of post fermented teas to last throughout the trips. You will find an assortment of lightweight tea ideal for backpacking. If you are not sure which travel friendly tea for your road trip, there is an assortment of premium tea available at relatively affordable prices. This lightweight Puer tea comes compressed to make your travel convenient. The lightweight tea comes in 5g bricks and fits in your wallet, so you do not have to worry about extra weight while on travel. The Puer Compressed tea is suitable for travelers and outdoor persons.

2.Make The Best Tea With What You Have

It is not easy when you cannot enjoy your favorite cup of tea the way you want. However, you can make the best using what you have in your RV or at the hotel room. Most hotels provide an electric kettle, so you can make the best of your morning cup. Boil water and submerge the post fermented puer tea of your choice and soak it until your preferred taste, add milk and sugar to taste. That way, you can enjoy your favorite tasty tea no matter where your road trips take you.

3.Try Different Tea Flavors

With an assortment of travel teas in different flavors available in the market, you may not be sure which flavor works best while on travel. Just as you would want to try different foods while on travel, you may want to taste different teas. It is okay to check out a tea sampler, which is a great way to taste our flavor. The Puer Tea Sampler box features neatly compressed tea bricks stacked in a colorful small box providing a travel friendly pack.

4.Carry Your Favorite Tea Cup

A tea lover not only needs a perfect Aged Puer tea, but is also particular about the mug tea is served. To ensure the same tea-drinking pleasure, you may prefer packing a sturdy mug or cup from home. Alternatively, you may purchase a travel mug just to make sure the tea does not lose its pleasant taste, like may occur when served in a plastic travel mug.


Tea is relaxing and comes with several health benefits. Therefore, you may want to keep enjoying tea whether at home or while on travel. The next time you are packing for an adventurous road trip, consider the tips we have highlighted above. You will keep enjoying the pleasant cup of tea throughout the trip. Check out to make a tremendous difference.