Five Reasons to Bring Premium Tea on Your Next Hike

Five Reasons to Bring Premium Tea on Your Next Hike

Posted by on 14th Apr 2021

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Hiking is a pleasurable hobby and a great way to stay healthy and happy. Do you know that taking premium tea before and after a hike stabilizes your energy levels and helps to keep you present? In fact, most hikers will tell you they are used to caffeine in the morning before the hike, during the hike, and after the hike. Therefore, next time you are backpacking, consider to bring some pure compressed tea. So, what are the benefits of taking real leaf tea prior to, during and after the hike? Keep reading to find out!

1.Tea Is A Healthy Hydration Option

When packing in readiness for your next hike, most people consider basic filtered water to stay hydrated. However, there is something lightweight and tastier than water that can raise your hydration levels, just like the freshwater does. According to research, black tea is not significantly different from water in the maintenance of normal hydration in human. Besides guzzling water, puer compressed tea is a top choice to stay hydrated. Many people used to believe that taking tea before a hike would make them dehydrated. However, the myth has been debunked, and the reality is that the diuretic effect of compressed tea does not offset your hydration levels. Therefore, the next time you are planning your hike, remember to bring some real leaf tea for the hike. Black tea offers similar hydrating properties to water.

2.Black Tea Helps Hikers To Stay Awake and Alert!

When preparing for a hike, you need to consider something to power you up all day long and through the night. Black compressed tea is a great way to increase your energy levels and stay awake. Researchers have found that tea containing moderate amounts of caffeine gives you the energy you need when you feel sluggish. Ideally, tea is a great healthy alternative to various caffeinated beverages and energy drinks. The energizing effect of tea relates to the unique compound called I-theanine, which promotes calmness, relaxation and focus.

3.Tea Relieves Tired and Sore Muscles

After a hike, you need something to soothe the temporary injury or the sole muscles. Besides, if you need relief from a chronic inflammatory condition, post-fermented pu erh tea is a great way for reducing inflammation and painful muscles. There are different beneficial compounds present in tea that helps to soothe inflammation. Therefore, do not skip a cup of hot tea after the hike because it is a great way to soothe the aching muscles.

4.Enhanced Digestion

When you are out for a weekend of hiking, chances are that you may deal with indigestion. The digestive upset is often because of a change in diet. Aged Puerh tea is a great digestive aid, hence ideal when you experience the stomach upset caused by change in diet. Therefore, carry some Lightload Tea, and take it after meals to aid your digestion.

5.Enjoy Restful Night Sleep

Hikers often suffer body inflammation, and general tiredness, which affects the sleep quality. Under such circumstances, the performance deteriorates seriously, as the muscles lack enough recovery time. taking a cup of tea enhances the recovery and helps you stay in a deep and restful sleep. Therefore, do not forget to shop for the best backpacking tea for restful sleep.


We have covered some top reasons to consider tea when backpacking for a hike. However, you may be worried about extra weight, especially when backpacking for a hike with friends or family. Fortunately, lightweight brick tea takes off the stress associated with weight. Checkout Lightload Tea the best compressed tea, which is easy for travel and comes in premium storage bricks.